Introduction: Diy Flexographic Printer

I made this project to create a printer for plastic film, I have seen a lot of diferent printers so I made one from recycled parts. I was lucky to find an anilox ceramic roller for sale, that is the main part of the printer, the other parts are common rollers, that are easy to find in scrap disposals, or it also easy to build one. My idea was to build this printer to make a DANGER TAPE with a 1 meter (39.7 inches) long art, that means that it would print a meter long art in every spin. Most printers have 50 centimeter (19.85inches) circunference rollers ,so i wanted to make one bigger, because i want to print 1 meter tape. To build the spin controller I used 3 arduino and 3 stepper motors. This is the first project I have published, feel free to comment and even advice.

I hope you enjoy my project, as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Sorry for my english.

Step 1: Step 1: the Structure

First i got the metalic structure from a old X-Ray device from an airport, it could be any metallic structure, but I found this one, that fit perfectly for my printer, just for few bucks. I was also able to buy some rollers, so i just had to do some welding.

Step 2: Step 2: the Rollers

As i said, I found some rollers, but it is not too complicated to build one with some bearings, the main part is the anilox roller that has hexagon cells, this have the uniform ink distribuitor fuction, im lucky to found this, but is possible to buy online, my project is not perfect, so you can see diferent sizes of rollers, but, it works so, i hope i can do more perfect work next time. The Graphic have the primary theory of flexoprinting, theres a ink recipient, the anilox ditribuitor, the anilox and the roller who makes presion to the art (sirel) and thats all, the rest of rollers are there just form dry the ink, of course all of first rollers has to have regulations

Step 3: Step 3: Put It Together

then it comes the hardware work, and some little test, the black roller makes the film goest all at the same speed, and thats all, i hope i can explain good, if you want to know more, im glad to explain every detail here,


Step 4: Step 4 ; Roller Test

this is the roller test and the printing test

Step 5: Step 5: Programation Arduino

Like i said before, my code for arduino is very simple, i think you can do better, but for my project is enoguht,

here it is

AccelStepper stepper01(1, 4, 5);

void setup() {




void loop() {




Step 6: Step 6: Print Test

This is the results, maybe need some little adjust, but is pretty clear and what i looking for.

What you think?

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