Introduction: DIY Forge EASY

This is a simple way to make a forge where you can get steel red hot. It is soooo easy that I an 11 year old made it without help.

Step 1: You Will Need...

The materials needed can vary. The pipe is a metal pipe with holes drilled in it. I used copper most metals will work

Step 2: The Base

Put the bricks in a v shape, use rocks to do this.

Step 3: Front

Add a front, it can be anything fireproof

Step 4: Blower

Tape the pipe to the hairdryer, it can be anything that moves enough air. Use lots of tape.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Place the pipe in the middle of the v and add a fireproof back.

Step 6: Done YAY

You are done. Just light the charcoal and place your metal in the forge. Turn on the hairdryer, and wait for the metal to get red hot and remove the metal and hit the metal with a hammer on a flat fireproof surface like an anvil, ball peen hammers are best. Put it back in the forge and when it is red hot repeat. Sorry about the bad video I ran out of memory I was going to say it is not hot enough to forge weld.

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