Introduction: Diy Hacked Gaming Pc Streeing Wheel Joystick Console

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Today we are going to make a hacked pc steering wheel console for gaming

Step 1: Gather the Things That You Need

1.Usb Gaming Remote

2.Arduino uno

3.Jumper Headers(only for easily connecting)

4. 2*Optocouplers(I made it with ir led and ir diode)

5. Potentiometer

6.Push buttons(I salvage it from old remote )

7. Some wires

8. Cardboard

Step 2: Connect Female Headers

Connect the female headers to gaming remote's buttons,so we can easily plug our diy console to remote and if we want play with simple remote just disconnect headers and done.

Step 3: Assemble the Foot Pedels

Make the foot pedels with cardboard(I don't recommend,It is not enough tough ) or any material,

You can also add more pedels

Step 4: Make the Steering Wheel Part

Make the steering wheel and add buttons as your wish,I add two buttons downside of steering(for ferrari style shifting lol;p),make base stand for steering wheel and add potentiometer there

Step 5: Steering Wheel

Step 6: Now to the Programing Part

I was using arduino only for rotation proportional to the potentiometer value.As we rotate the potentiometer the arduino turn on and off the optocoupler with delay propotional to the potentiometer value.If you are making console for plane etc,then you can also add one more potentiometer for ruder control just edit code(it is very easy).Here is the code for project

Step 7: Watch the Video.....

Step 8: And We'r Done

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