Diy Ice Castle Made From Plastic Containers



Introduction: Diy Ice Castle Made From Plastic Containers

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this castle is great for those who want add a little winter flair to their room! .And with few tweaks,It would also make for nice toy!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • pencil
  • marker
  • sharp scissors
  • tape measure or ruler
  • glue gun or other strong glue
  • something sharp to poke holes with(I used an awl)
  • 1 oz puffy paint bottle(empty) cleaned out
  • 3 empty clay containers(mine are from Dollar tree)
  • 2 empty glue stick containers(also from Dollar tree)
  • flat plastic top or tray(yes it's from Dollar tree)
  • a few pebbles (optional)
  • white glitter paper(I found this at Walmart on clearance for $0.10)
  • printer paper
  • acrylic paint(I used Apple Barrel 21886E blue cotton matte acrylic paint)
  • epsom salt or fake snow(I used unscented epsom salt from Dollar tree)
  • beads that look like crystals and pearls
  • sandpaper

Step 2: Soak the Containers

Let the clay& gluestick containers soak in in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes so the label will remove easily(and so you can cut the containers more easily), then remove label(and any sticky residue).Next you're going to sand down the outside of the containers and the plastic top or tray.This is so the paint and glue stick to the containers better

Step 3: Make the Door Way

With the marker,draw a small doorway on one of the clay containers.Next take your hole poking tool and make three overlapping holes at the beginning of the doorway line.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Using the doorway drawing as a guide,cut out the door. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other two containers.

Step 5: Make the Sides

From the milk jug, cut out four rectangles of 2cm x 5cm.

Step 6: Add the Sides

.On one of the clay containers make a mark 3cm away from the doorway on both sides.Then were you made the mark ,put a line of hot glue and stick one of the rectangles on.Do the same on the other side .It should look like fins sticking out.About 1cm behind the first rectangle,put another line of glue and stick a second rectangle on the same way as the first.Repeat for other side.

Step 7: Add Gluestick Containers

Put a line of hot glue on the inside edge of each rectangle.Stick a empty gluestick container in between each set of rectangles.

Step 8:

Now put glob of glue on the side of the gluestick container that's sticking out.Stick on a clay container,doorway facing the same way as the first.Repeat on the other side.Now you should have something like this.

Step 9: Make the Cones

Draw and cut out two cone shapes of 5cm x5cm(with a tab to close it) from the milk jug plastic.Then on the back of the glitter paper draw and cut out three 10 1/2cm x 10 1/2cm cone shapes(with a tab) .Glue them together so they look like ice cream cones.

Step 10:

On the inside of a glitter cone draw a small half-circle and cut it out(remember to keep the edges you glued closed to the back of the castle).Repeat this with a second cone ,and leave the third the way it is.these two go on the side towers.

Step 11: Paint Your Castle

Remove all cones and paint the outside of the castle with the acrylic paint.Also ,paint the two small plastic cones.Let it dry.

Step 12:

Next glue a small piece of printer paper inside one of the big towers so it completely covers the door way.Repeat with the other two big towers.You could drop a fake tealight candle inside each big tower if you'd like to.Then put hot glue halfway around the top edge of the big towers and stick thier cones back on.For the two smaller towers,put glue all the way around the top edge,then stick the cones on.

Step 13: Cut Your Tray

Place the castle on one edge of the plastic top(or tray) and trace around the front of the castle.After that draw a path has circle(about 3cm in diameter) in the middle.The circle shows where the bush or tree will be.Carefully cut out the circle and sand down the rough edges.To make the tray alot easier to cut,I heated up the circle with a candle.

Step 14:

Glue on your castle,fake snow or ice ,pebbles,and beads on the outside of the path.

Step 15: Put It All Together

Cut out a piece of glitter paper in the shape & size of the pathway.Place it under your plastic tray,lining it up with pathway drawing .Trace & cut out circle on the glitter paper.Put the glitter paper on top and glue in place.cut off the bottom to the puffy paint bottle,it should be 1/2 inch tall.Put the gems in the paint bottle bottom & glue everything in place.

Step 16:

Add any other embellisments you want to your castle.

Step 17: Hooray! It's Done!

now you can put it in your room!If you like, you could replace the gems with a bush,tree,or even a real working water fountain! You could also change the whole "ice castle" theme for jungle one instead. Example: a light brown castle with green "cones" and swap the epsom salt for those green gift basket shreds for grass.t it in your room!

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    4 years ago

    Nice work! The finished castle looks frosty and cool! : )