Introduction: Diy Kid's Felt Book for a Rainy Day

Have you ever had one of those days were it is dumping rain in sheets and your little one vocally pronounces that he or she is bored? Then this instructable is for you . Depending on how big you or your child wants the book, making this can cost less than 5 bucks. Plus your child can create his very own special picture/story book

Step 1: You Will Need....

> A variety of colored felt

> A hot glue gun

> Ruler (optional)

> Squiggle eyes (optional)

> Scissors

> A marker

> A pencil

> LOTS of creativity

Step 2: The Pages

You can make the pages any size you want. The ones shown above were 150 cm by 195 cm. To get a really bookish effect you can cut out your pages in a jagged way to give it kind of a vintage look.

Step 3: Design Briefing and Sketching for Page 1

To get a basic idea, begin by sketching a picture. I will show you how to make a cute little crab, but you can do anything to start your book.

Step 4: Draw and Cut the Legs

To make the legs, use a marker and draw an oval. Then, draw six curved tubes on the sides of the oval. This may be tricky, but it is worth it. Once you are satisfied with your design, cut it out.

Step 5: Draw and Cut the Body

Start by drawing an extended semi circle. Then add two little stalks to the upper parts of the semi circle, and then add two little pac men to the ends of those. To finish up, draw a rectangle on top of the oval, and put dots where the eyes will go.

Step 6: Gluing

Start by hot gluing the legs to your page, then add the body and pincers to that. When it has dried, put a globs of glue where the eyes will go, and stick firmly in place.

Step 7: Page 2: Design Briefing and Sketching for Palm Tree

The palm tree is another idea you can use for your booklet. It consists of three parts: the leaves, the coconuts, and the trunk. The leaves are probably the hardest to draw,because of the jagged outline. The coconuts and trunk are pretty straight forward, since the coconuts are merely circles with dots drawn on them, and the trunk is an extended rectangle that gets wider the farther down it goes.

Step 8: Draw and Cut the Leaves

This step is rather hit and miss. Since trees produce millions of different leaves, there are quite a few options. Explaining how to draw these is extremely hard, please inform me if their is an easy way to do so. Have fun!!!

Step 9: COCONUTS!!!!

These guys are really easy to do. Simply draw 3 circles on a piece of white felt and draw three dots on each. Taa Daa!!

Step 10: Draw and Cut Trunk

To do the trunk, start by drawing a really wide v with one side fatter than the other. To make the trunk more realistic, add evenly spaced double lines going down the trunk.

Step 11: Glue Everything Together

Start assembling your palm tree by sticking the trunk to your page. You can do this back to back with the crab, or you can use another page. After the trunk has been glued in place, add your leaves. Then add your coconuts.

Step 12: More Ideas....

These were placed in the same book as the crab and the tree. However, the pictures do no justice to the actual product. This is also my first i'ble, so if the pics and instructions are bad please tell me how I could fix them. Please vote!!

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