Introduction: Diy Leather Wedges

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To create these wedges I used soles from my old destroyed shoes.

Their soles were very strong and they had perfect height.

Step 1: Shoes Before:

The uppers of those shoes were totally destroyed

but the soles were just perfect.

Step 2: What You Need?

real leather for example from old coat

but you can also use :technical felt, denim jeans

upholstery tacks

hammer or mallet

special glue for shoes

Step 3: How to Start?

Disassemble both shoes

Step 4: How to Create Pattern?

Cut new pieces of the shoes

use old pieces as a pattern

on photo you can see how it looks

Step 5: How to Creat New Wedges?

Glue insoles to the shoes, put books or use vise and leave soles in that state for 24 hours

Glue all parts besides lacings

put the glue in way you can see on photo

Attach leather to the shoes with upholstery tacks

remember to secure the tacks with for example thick paper before you use hammer or mallet

Step 6: How to Tie Shoes?

They are two possibilities for doing it

Step 7: How They Look After?

Ready ''new old'' wedges :-)

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