Introduction: Diy Minion Nailart

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Only for minion lovers like me!!;)

Step 1: You Will Need

Base coat
Yellow nail art
Blue , white, black acrylic color
Dotting tool
Top coat

Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Applying base coat is the must step to
Prevent your natural nails from yellowing and cracking. After drying apply yellow nailpaint.

Step 3: Use Dotting Tool

After that start to add detailing.
Using dotting tool on the top of your nail make to circles. Which are the eyes of our minion..:)

Step 4: Its Time for Minion Clothes

Using striper and blue acrylic color made his clothes. For that start to draw square shape on your bottom of the nail and then add shoulder straps.. Quite easy right?

Step 5: Highlight Your Minion

Using tiny paint brush and black acrylic color give finishing touch to your minion. And you are done!!

Step 6: Top Coat

Use your imagination and fill in your nail art.
Protect your nail art by applying a top coat. It gives your nail art a long lasting self life.. Enjoy !!!!