Diy Origami Organizer Box Without Glue




Introduction: Diy Origami Organizer Box Without Glue

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Hi Friends! In this project, I made an amazing, easy origami organizer box. This is really so easy and without glue. I made a desk organizer box.

Step 1: Cut:

First I cut a square sheet of paper from A4 size paper.

Step 2: Fold:

Fold the corners of the paper. (1 and 2 edges overlap) It will be in the form of a triangle.

Step 3: Rotate:

Rotate the triangular paper 45 degrees. You can determine the direction according to the numbers in the photo.

Step 4: Fold 2:

Fold the sides of the triangle to the middle. So you will get a square shape. You can follow the numbers.

Step 5: Turn and Fold:

Turn over the back of the new square paper. Then fold only 2 layers of paper (at the bottom corner of the square) upwards.

Step 6: Unfold

Unfold all the parts you have folded and make the triangle in step 3 again.

Step 7: Triangles:

You need 3 of these triangle. I did it in different colors. But you can also use paper of the same colors.

Step 8: Numbers:

I wrote numbers on the left and right sides of the triangles. These are very important. This stage will create the organizer.

Step 9: Inside and Outside:

The number 2 side of each triangle will go inside the corner number 1 of the paper on the left side (according to the photo).

Step 10: Inside 2:

This rule applies to all edges. "The number 2 side of each triangle will go inside the corner number 1 of the paper on the left side (according to the photo)."

Step 11: Fold All:

The organizer will look like a bowl. Turn the bottom. Interlace the corners of the paper to form the bottom of the bowl. For example: fold the yellow paper, then the blue, then the green, then the yellow, and again the blue and green paper.

Step 12: Ready:

Organizer is ready. You can do it by using colorful, or just one color paper.

Step 13: Finish:

I made a bowl-shaped organizer without using any glue, tape, etc. Although it may seem difficult, you will find that it is very easy when you start doing it.

Step 14: My Video:

This is my video about this project. You can also see all steps and all important details in this video.

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