Diy Lamp With Paper

Introduction: Diy Lamp With Paper

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Making paper lamp is easy with a paper and basic things can find in home ,if you like this instructables please vote for it and if you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: Making Roll

On a4 paper make random lines with black marker and place a glue on it's edges and connect them both edges to form a roll shape of paper

Step 2: Covering Up

Cut out the circle shape from another paper and mark out the fitting area then cut it's edges which will be useful when putting it with glue inside the roll,Make random lines over it as well

glue the edges and then put it on the top of roll shape the edges will grab with inner roll side

Step 3: Making It's Base

Take a 5x5 foam piece and cut out the hole of about 3.5'' place a bulb holder connect with wire to 220v

place the holder over the circle and put hot glue under it so it attaches to the base

Finally place the roll lamp shade over the bulb and plug it on can change the color of the bulb to change the color of lamp as well.

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