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Introduction: Diy Papercraft Fox

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Hey momoluvers! It's momo. Today I'll be making a Papercraft fox! This is super cute and I hope you have fun making this as much as I did

Step 1: Supplies

1~ template (shown above)
2~ scissors
3~ liquid glue
4~ glue stick
5~ time!

GUIDE: CUT along black lines
FOLD along dotted lines
GLUE on white tabs

Step 2: Head Construction

1~ The face: cut out the template for the face and ears. Cut along the black lines. Then fold. Put a small amount of glue on the white tabs and attach them to form the face's shape.

2~ The head: Repeat the steps with the face.

3~ Attachment: put the ears on top of the head piece. Then attach the face to the side of the head like shown abvoe

Step 3: Legs Construction

Front legs: the front legs are the shorter, straight ones. Construct these carefully because there are tiny tabs near the toes (same for the back legs)

Back legs: the back legs are the longer ones with the thigh. Assemble these the same way

Step 4: Body Construction

Cut out the largest piece, the body, and construct this carefully, because it has a slight curve where the neck is located.

Step 5: Tail Construction

Cut out the two shapes above and use the liquid glue to lightly and carefully assemble this piece. This will also be curved

Step 6: Final Assembly

Head: Apply glue to the neck on the body. Then attach the head and press it until it dries

Legs: Line up each of the legs into the body. (There are small white tabs to show you exactly where to apply it)

Tail: Repeat steps with the tail

Step 7: Photoshoot

Now for my absolute favorite part! Go outside and take some pics with your friend in nature!

Step 8: Finish!

And that's it! This is such a cute craft to put on display and showcase! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember to check out more instructables. Love y'all •_£

Step 9: Momo's Shoutout Sunday!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've done a Momo's shoutout Sunday, and I thought this follower deserved it!

First is midnight-diamond with this super yummy frozen yogurt! You don't need any special supplies, so anyone can do it! Go check it out!

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