Introduction: Diy Pen Holder With Plastic Bottle

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Hi Friends! In this video I made a cool pen holder with a plastic bottle. If you are looking for great ideas for evaluating your plastic bottles, for your room, for your desk, you should definitely make this pencil holder.


plastic bottle, rope (jute or knitting), glue, scissors,

Step 1: Cut:

Cut the plastic bottle to the size you want.

Step 2: Iron:

The parts you cut are dangerous because they will be sharp. So I used a hot iron without steam. Gently touch the sharp side of the plastic bottle to the iron for 3-5 seconds. The sharp edges of the plastic bottle will be slightly folded in.

Step 3: Round:

I made a round shape with thick thread. I used jute rope, you can also use thick knitting threads. I applied glue to the end of the thread and wrapped it around until it became a big round. While wrapping the rope, I applied glue in each row. The size of the round shape should be equal to the bottom of the plastic bottle.

Step 4: Add on Plastic Bottle:

When the round is ready, don't cut the rope! I put the round shape on the bottom of the plastic bottle and keep looping the rope around the plastic bottle. Sometimes I applied glue between the ropes. (I applied a glue in 2-3 rows)

Step 5: Cut and Glue:

When it comes to the last row, it is necessary to use glue. I cut the end of the thread and glue it with glue.

Step 6: Decoration:

I added some embellishments. You can add decorations as you wish.

Step 7: It Is Ready:

And it is ready. You can create your own style using ropes and ornaments of different colors.

Step 8: Video Step:

This is my video about this pen holder. You can also see all details on my video.