Introduction: Diy Pikachu Corner Bookmark!!!

Hi today I'm going to show you how to make these adorable Pikachu bookmarks!! Let's get started shall we.

Step 1: Supplies:

For this day you'll need:
1 piece of A4 paper
Pencil & rubber
and colouring pencils

Step 2: Step 1:Making the Bookmark

Some people like to cut out and stick to make their bookmarks but I prefere origami for this diy.first make a square as show in the picture and fold it in half like a triangle.fold the corners up to make a diamond and unfold them to make creases.fold the top point down and push the bottom point into the pocket you just made.And you have your book mark made!

Step 3: Step 2:Making Your Bookmark Into Pikachu

Next we need to make the ears, for this fold a scrap piece of paper in half and his ears as shown in the picture.cut these out and put them aside for later.Drawon some cute eyes, some red cheeks, a mouth and a lollipop.Take your ears and draw some outwards triangles on them and colour them in.Stick them onto your Pikachu and then all you have to do is colour it in!

Step 4: Ta-Da!!!

Thanks! Hope you liked it and please tell me if I was to confusing cause I know I'm not the best at explaining things and I'll make a video.