Introduction: Diy Sea Salt Spray for Beachy, Texturized Hair

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Recently I've been seeing a ton of how to's on how to make this sea salt spray for your hair to get that sort of beachy texture in your hair. So I thought that since I was trying to change the focus on my account from just sort of making whatever I can to hair related topics, why not make one myself? So I did. Here it is, Diy Sea Salt Spray for beachy, texturized hair. Enjoy:)

Step 1: Ingredients

This project doesn't require too much that you can't find in the cupboards of your own home if anything you might need to take a trip down your local grocery store, drug store, or dollar store.

1) 1 cup of Luke warm water
2) 8.5ml of sea salt (preferably Himalayan pink salt as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are really good your hair and it's also the purest form if sea salt but if you can't find that just regular sea salt will be fine.)
3) a small bowl to grind your salt into.
4) 1 tsp if argan oil (I've seen people use coconut oil but I haven't tried it. But I like to use argan oil because it's really good for your hair and it also acts as a natural heat protectant, I'll be making another instructable that touches on the subject of argan oil more)
5) a funnel (sorry I didn't get that in the photo it's optional but it helps a lot)
6) a teaspoon (to measure)
7) a spray bottle

Ps, sorry about the tablespoon in the picture I was having other ideas while making this.)

Step 2: Mix Everything Together

This step is pretty simple, just mix it all together! So first pour your 1 cup of Luke warm water into your spray bottle, then grind approximately 8.5ml of sea salt (the reason were using approximately 8.5ml of salt is because according to my research on average in 1 cup of ocean water there is about that much salt) and using a funnel get the salt into the spray bottle (the Warm water will help dilute the salt), then get about 1 tsp of argan oil into the spray bottle, and finally, close your spray bottle and shake it to mix it all together.

Step 3: Spray Away!

Now you can take the beach with you wherever you go! All you need to do is simply spray this into your hair and either let it air dry or blow dry it! You don't even need a heat protectant if you're going to blow dry because of the argan oil we put in it! But don't use this as a heat protectant before you use a flat iron or a curling wand and such because the water in this will make your hair wet and straightening or curling while your hair is wet is a horrible idea because it will actually burn your hair. Other than that hope this instructable helped! Please comment on how yours turned out, I always love seeing people that take the time to read my instructables and knowing that it helped them! Also feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section and please tell me if you would like me to make any instructables on certain hairstyles you'd like me to recreate or other diys like this one. T'ill next time;)