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Introduction: Diy Sea Shell Candle

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Hi Friends. I made an amazing candle. I made a candle inside the sea shell. This is really so cool room decor idea.

Step 1: Melt:

Melt the candle. You can hold it over another lit candle to melt it. Or you can melt it in the microwave.

Step 2: Place:

When it melts, hold the wick with tweezers and place it in the seashell.

Step 3: Pour:

Pour the melted candle into the seashell. The wick may slip while pouring the candle. You can pour out the candle and put the wick in place with the help of a needle. Soon the candle will freeze. During this time, you can hold the wick to prevent it from slipping.

Step 4: Control:

Pour the amount of candle that does not protrude over the edges of the shell. While the seashell is lying flat on the ground, the candle should not fall out.

Step 5: And Ready:

The wonderful seashell candle is ready. It looks beautiful in the dark.

Step 6: Video Step:

This is my video about this felt garland. You can also see all details on my video.

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    10 days ago

    Beautiful! How long do they burn for?