Introduction: Diy Sequin Pumpkins

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Add a little bling to your Halloween decorations this year with these Diy Sequin Pumpkins.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

Mini pumpkins or squashes, dressmaking pins and sequins.

Step 2: Designing Your Pattern.

Start by mapping out your design.

To make the spider web design all you need to do is follow the natural shape of the pumpkin but if you want to do something more complicated it helps to draw the design out in pencil first.

Attach each sequin to a pin and press into the pumpkin.

Make all the vertical lines of the web first.

Add the curved horizontal web strands.

Step 3:

I liked that this squash had a scarred battered skin so I sketched on a classic scary carved pumpkin face. I filled the places you'd normally carve with sequins.

To make the Boo! pumpkin I used a pencil to draw on the design and then used this as a guide for my sequins.

Step 4:

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