Introduction: Diy Shaker Birthday Card

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This adorable cute card i had made for my brother in law .
Here you will find step by step tutorial of diy shaker birthday card. This tutorial is inspired by lawnfawncards...
So lets make-shake-create...
Happy crafting..

Step 1: You Will Need

Black and white cardstock
Quilling paper strip
Watercolor paper
Glitter tape
Acetate sheet
Glitter frames
Double sided adhesive tape

Step 2: Prepare Your Base Card

-I took 16" by 12" plain black cardstock and fold it into half lengthwise using scorer.
-Final size of the base card will be 8" by 6".
-i dont have any scrapbook paper having black and white combination. So i have to made this using single hole punch and black quilling paper strips. ( i know its quite tedious job.) so if you are lucky enough and you have that black and white scrapbook paper you can omit this step.

-i scored 1/2" smaller in size rectangle on white cardstock.
-then using single hole punch i make black dots and create polka dot background.
-for stripes i have used different size of black colored paper quilling strip.

Step 3: Making of Shaker Window

- i used 5" by 3.5" glitter frame for the front of the shaker window.
- Cut water color paper in same size of the glitter frame.
- Its time to flaunt your imagination. I have decided to give a little birdy touch to my card. So using watercolors and sharpie i make cute designs on it.
- Now 1st put your designed watercolor paper .
- On its border adhere twoway tape. For giving extra height make two layers of double sided tape.
- Now keep sequins, glitter, pearls and beads in the frame.
- Cut acetate sheet of same size and put it on double sided tape .
- Apply glue on all the 4 sides of sheet and on it put black glitter frame and allow it to dry.
- Your shaky window is ready...
- Apply glue on the base card and put it on it.
- Your card is ready....
- Hope you all will enjoy it...