Diy Shower

Introduction: Diy Shower

This project is simple just you want some household stuffs and you can build it on your own

Step 1: What Stuff You Need

Stuff includes
1. Bottle
2. Pipe
3. Cutter
4. Aluminium wire
5. Tap cover
6. Screw 1

Step 2: Process

1. put some holes in the bottle using a screw by heating the screw than insert in the bottle

2. put the holes in such a way that when the shower is turned on the water will sprinkle on you so have to put holes on that side which is facing your body

3. the holes should be close to each other

4. put a hole on the top side of the bottle so that you can hang it on the wall using that hole.

5. put the pipe on the top and to hold the pipe make a section same as the pipe radius and put it there

and after that to hold the pipe put a metal wire to hold it .

6. take a nozzle and put on one side of the pipe than put the pipe in the tap

7. if it get tilt to one side than just make a hole on the top and put a wire and than adjust it

behold your shower is ready

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