Introduction: Diy Smartphone Projector

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This is simple mobile projector can be make with only a cardboard box and magnifying glass

It can project the mobile screen on the wall and make it over 30 inches wide

Its just a fun project because it small resolution and normal brightness make it difficult to see but it works well if place too close to the white wall


Cardboard box

magnifying glass


Step 1: Cutting Cardboard

Cut out the box from center to make it a two pieces so one pieces can slide into other pieces to adjust the focal lense and make it focus on the projection

after cutting the box staple the pieces to connect them so it doesn't go out of shape

bend the one pieces so it can slide in other easily

Step 2: Putting the Magnifying Glass

Place the magnifying glass over the box and mark out the diameter and cut out that part

place the hot glue on edges and put the magnifying glass over it

Step 3: Ready to Project

Place the brightness to full and off the auto rotation make the video on horizontla and place the phone upside down because the magnifying glass will project the projection upside down

Put masking tape on smartphone edges and secure it on the inside of the cardboard pieces which will slide into

adjust the distance by making it near to the magnifying glass and placing the projector near or far from the wall so it can project with focus.

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