Introduction: Diy Snowman

This is a really easy cute holiday craft that can be made in under half an hour. It can be a cute gift to someone or a nice room decoration.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Starred items are optional
•A white sock
•About half a cup of rice (depending on how big you want to make your snowman)
*Four buttons
*Felt markers
*Orange pencil tip

Step 2: Assembling

The first step is to pour some rice into the toe of your sock. How much rice you put in will depend on how big you want your snowman.
Secondly you want to tie a hair tie or ribbon around the sock a little higher than the middle of the sock, rather tightly to form the head. Then cut off the excess sock part, while leaving about an inch left above where there is no more rice. You can fold it over ontop of the head and color it to make a cute hat.

Step 3: Decoration

Now that you have the body you are pretty much free to decorate your snowman however you like. I started by drawing a coal mouth by putting lots of dots in a smile. Then I added small pink circles above the mouth to make it look like it was blushing. Next I glued two matching black buttons to make them look like eyes and two colorful buttons on the belly area. The last things I did were add the tip of an orange colored pencil to make the nose and tied ribbon around it's neck to make a scarf.