Introduction: 0€~ Diy Soldering Fume Extractor


Inhalation of soldering fumes can be a serious issue for your health. if they are inhaled very often, Inhalation of dusts and fumes may cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract and if they are really often inhaled they could become a cause of cancer or asthma.



*Part of the challenge of this mini project, is to only use tape as joining tool.


A while ago, my brand new soldering station reached my door on a cute cardboard box. I could have just threw this babe to the bin, where it would have been recycled into an other cardboard box, but i assure i heard the box telling me to give him an other live. So i did, i converted it, together with more spare parts to a DIY soldering fume extractor.

Step 1: Step #1 Turn on the Music!

Music is a great partner when building stuff or doing work, it improves productivity, reduces number of accidents, improves alertness and also produces more team interaction.

So now, plug in the audio jack and let the build begin! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Step 2: Step #2 Plan

The fume extractor i want to build is going to be basically a cardboard box, with a fan on it which drives creates an air current that drives the fumes from the mouth, through a paper tube that we will make to outside of the house throw the window.


1. Cardboard box
2. Tape(or anything that you think is suitable(glue..))
3. newspaper
4. Plastic Bottle
5. fan(i will use a computer one)
6. power supply(i will just use an old usb cable that i will attach to any usb port)



1. Any sharp tool
2. TAPE ;)


Step 3: Step #3 Building the Paper-tube

• 3.1 Remove the top and the bottom part of the bottle
• 3.2 Cut hoops as thick as you want(i did 2cm)

• 3.3 Cut the newspaper in pieces, a bit more wide than your bottle diameter and as large as you want.
• 3.4 Stick the newspaper around the bottle hoops.
• 3.5 Join different tubes

*Be careful when choosing the distance between hoop and hoop, because if it is too large the tube will bend and so obstruct the air flux.

Step 4: Step #4 the Box

1. Close the front part and secure the sides with tape
2. Cut off the unwanted parts.
3. Cut a hole on the back(the closed front) with a diameter as big as the bottle hoops
4. Pass the tube through the hole
5. secure the tube in the box with MORE TAPE

Step 5: Step #5 the Fan Adapter

Our fan hasn't got the same diameter as the bottle, so we have to make an adapter.

To make this, i will use a part of the bottle that i haven't used.

1. Cut nearly the whole side of it leaving a small entire loop.
2. Attach it to the fan and secure and seal everything with tape.
3. make the missing side with a piece of cardboard that has been cuted from the box. [sorry for not having pics of this part :( ]

Step 6: Step #6 Assembling!!

Now, connect the adapter and the tube through the box with EVEN MORE TAPE and make sure that everything is sealed.

Finally solder, join, or use crocodile wires to connect the fan to a power source and just enjoy!

Safety feature: Make sure the joins are properly insulated with MORE AND MORE TAPE!

Thank you for reading my first instructable, and i hope it has entertained/helped/inspired you in some way. Also i would really appreciate that you comment how i could improve this instructable. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪