Introduction: Diy Tiffany Lamp

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Tiffany lamps are very beautiful and ... very expensive. Here is tutorial how to make a lamp a la Tiffany by yourself in cheap, easy and creative way :-)

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make a Frame to the Lamp?

You need:

  1. gypsum or cement
  2. plactic bucket
  3. butterfly screw
  4. screw
  5. metal washer
  6. 2 wooden slats or twigs or simple broomstick
  7. drill
  8. little lamp

Step 2: How to Make a Frame to the Lamp?

To bowl filled in 1/3 with water add gypsum or cement and mix it as long as you'll receive thick homogeneous mass.

Put in gypsum or cement one part of the wooden slat

Optional: add some little rocks :-)

Leave it for drying.(1st photo)

After about 24 hours pull out the form (2nd photo)

Drill the hole in wooden slats and join them together with the help of screw , butterfly screw and metal washer. (3rd photo)

Nail the lamp to to the frame with the help of nail or screw (4th and 5th photo)

Step 3: How Frame to the Lamp Looks Like ?

voila! new lamp frame is ready

You can paint, sand or taped it.

solid foundation is important not only in houses :-)

Step 4: ​What Do You Need to Make a Lampshade?

Create the mixture of glue and water 50/ 50.

see photos :-)

Step 5: How to Make a Frame to Lampshade ?

from paper tube create frame to lamp

Step 6: How to Make a Lampshade?

Cut flowers and leaves from blouse.(1st photo)

each piece of fabric soak in mixture of water and glue (2nd photo)

than compose new lampshade on balloon and leave it for 24 hours (3rd photo)

Step 7: Optional

Instead of balloon you can use beach ball

Step 8: How to Make a Metal Frame to Lampshade?

Lampshade is from viscose that's why it will be good to strengthen it extra.

Step 9: How New Lamp Looks Like ?

Voila! new a la Tiffany lamp is ready

I absolutly love it, it looks wonderful during the day and at night, although at night even better. It makes everything look so magical . Reading Edgar Allan Poe in such atmosphere is amazing sensation.

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