Introduction: Diy Tool Caddy

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I build this small tool caddy for on my desk. Because it's always a mess, my tools are laying everywhere.

Now with my tool caddy I have a place to put all of my tools.

And because I have 100 subs on my youtube channel you can download the plan for free.

Step 1: The Design

To design my tool caddy I used fusion 360. I started by taking all the tools that where laying around on my desk.

Then I was thinking about the layout and started with measuring my tools so they would fit well. I made all of the spots the same so the tools don't have a particular place.

If you can't design this for your own tools you can download my free plans.

Step 2: Cut All the Parts

The wood that I used is 18 mm plywood. I cut it out on my table-saw.

You can find the cut list in my plans.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

After I cut out all the parts I put the paper on the wood with removable glue.

You can see on the paper where you need to drill.

Step 4: Scroll Sawing

There are some parts that you need to further cut out on the scroll saw.

I also glued these papers on the wood with removable glue.

You can see on the paper where you need to saw.

Step 5: Rounding Over the Edges

I round over some edges with my edge router, like the handel, but it's not necessary.

The bigger round overs did i on my disk sander.

Step 6: Screw It Togeter

I started with screwing the sides onto the bottom. Then I screwed the middle piece in place.

After that it's important that you first screw the 3 back pieces before the other side, otherwise you can't screw them anymore.

Step 7: Old Metal Saw Blade

To cut the tape I used an old blade of a metal saw.

Step 8: Fill It and Use It

This is my first instructable. If you make one yourself you can always send me a picture of it. I hope you like it!

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