Introduction: Diy Vacuum Cleaner Out of Pvc

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Hello today I will show you how to make a vacuum cleaner out of pvc.This is very simple to make and powerful.

Step 1: Collect the PVC

I found some PVC pipe and joints on my backyard.

Here is the all parts measurements.

1) 4 inch PVC 20cm length

2) 4 inch PVC end cap

3) 4 inch to 50mm reducer or you can 4 inch to 25 mm

4)50mm to 25mm reducer

5)45 degree 25 mm elbow

7)775 dc motor

8)A metal sheet


10) handle

11)switch and dc jack

12)some bolts and nuts

Step 2: Making the Fan Leaf and Motor Clamb

First make the leaf for the motor. Take a strong metal sheet draw a circle and cut it cleanly. now draw eight leaf and cut that 8 lines and bent it using pliers.make sure that your leaf are bented drill a hole in the exactly center of the leaf.Then take a wire connecter and remove the outer plastic now screw it with leaf at one side.Take your motor and connect the shaft at the another end.Take a long sheet of metal sheet and bent it.

Step 3: Fixing the Motor

Take two nut and bolts and fix the motor inside the pipe.

Step 4: Making a Filter Net

I made a filter net to trap dust and small particles.

Step 5: Making the Back Cover

Take the end cap and drill holes for dc jack and switch.Then make a big hole on the back side and attach the net and connect the wire to motor.The connection is very simple jack positive goes through switch to motor.negative goes to motor.

Step 6: Attach the Handle

Fixing handle is simple take two screws and fix it

Step 7: Testing

Step 8: Final Look

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