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Introduction: Diy Wireless Speaker Reciever

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hello guys sometimes its really a pain that we have to use wires to connect our phones to the speaker thats when we use bluetooth speaker but connecting them is really a difficult part

so i build this wireless and battery less audio reciever which can be carried anywhere or attach it to anything

so without further lets do this

Step 1: Tools Required

primary winding of a transformer eg 12-0-12

one audio socket

one box

some wires

and basic tools

thats all you need to make this dude

and it costs less than 2$

Step 2: Heat Up the Soldering Iron

just connect the wires of the coil to the audio socket wires and test it by playing a song in your phone and playsing the speaker of your phone near to the coil and connect a aux cable from the coil to the speaker and the music will be played

note if the speaker worked then good but if it didnt then just place the speaker of your phone to the opposite side of the coil and it will be working

after testing it if all goes well then just hot glue everything together in the box or however you like

Step 3: You Are Done

thats easy and fun it is to make this thing

check out this video to see this in action

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