Diy Camera Light

Introduction: Diy Camera Light

This cool DIY camera light brightens up the videos and photos that I take indoors, without the need to buy an expensive camera light. Plus you probably already have these items lying around your house. So in this project lets make a cheap camera light!

Step 1:

You will need:
-safety glasses
-white led
-hot glue
-electrical tape
-tape or double sided tape
-dense foam
-your camera
-three 1.5 volt batteries
-battery holder of some kind
-soldering iron
-some wires
-power switch (forgot to include it in the picture)

Step 2: Lets Start Soldering!

Solder a wire from the battery holder to the LED, an then a second wire leading from LED to the switch. A third wire should be soldered from the switch to the battery holder.

Step 3: Shape That Foam!

First, cut out the foam. Then using a knife, cut out the housing for the LED.

Step 4:

Next, using double sided tape, hot glue or tape, mount the LED, switch and the battery holder to the camera.

You`re done!

Feel free to comment!

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    Great idea. This would give much better pictures than a standard flash.