Diy Surveillance System.

Introduction: Diy Surveillance System.

Here is an overview of setting up a surveillance system for home or office use.

I have this system running in my home for nearly 8 years and it works great locally and I do have remote connection to my system. All of this powered by Green solar energy!

Read on for what I have done.

Step 1: Dedicated Pc.

This setup requires an always on Windows pc. It can be a desktop or netbook. The more energy efficient the better. In my case it's my home automation pc.

Step 2: Network Cameras.

There are three classes of camera.
1. Analog.
2. USB.
3. Network or IP.

My camera of choice is the IP camera although it is the most expensive (relatively) it allows for;
1. Multiple access to the same camera.
2. Inherent security.
3. Extremely low processing overhead for the host pc. 4. High image quality.
5. Very long native cable runs between the host pc and the camera.
6. Easy wiring if a POE camera is used.
7. PTZ capable depending on model.

My home setup has 8 IP cameras and they have provided long service over the years. Keep in mind that outdoor rated cameras are extremely expensive and I decided to have Mines as indoor only. Ptz cameras give a nice edge to monitor multiple areas. It's your choice.

Step 3: Network Hub With POE.

Using a POE hub allows easy wiring of multiple cameras back to the host pc. I recommend hardwired cameras instead of WiFi for security and reliability.

Use shielded or standard cat5e cables, as long as you wish to order.

Step 4: Ispy.

My surveillance software of choice is Ispy. It's open source freeware and superb functionality. It's easy to setup and very customizable.

Adding cameras is easy with the built in wizard. It supports all three camera classes.

Ispy can record continously, on motion or on a schedule. Videos and images are stored on the internal drive or network storage.

Step 5: Remote Access.

I use teamviewer for remote access of my home pc. Teamviewer also has an app for mobile devices. It's free for personal use. The last screen shot is from my phone.

Easy to setup and use surveillance!

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    May I ask if this is instruction for specific models of camera or for any model. I have followed your instruction, downloaded ISPY software but failded to get the XVR (Model SavvyTech XVR501H-16-X 16) connected to my PC. Please help me. thanks in advance.

    Yolo Pigeon
    Yolo Pigeon

    3 years ago

    how did you get airport feed?


    5 years ago

    I would advise to check this video-tutorial in order to see how to create a surveillance system in easy way. Actually, you can install in minutes


    Reply 5 years ago