Introduction: Diyurr

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Skrekkøgle ( a Oslo based design firm made DURR, a awesome gadget a while back. (third picture)

They made a limited set of 50 pieces and sold them. They turned out so popular that they set out to make another bigger batch of time investigating devices.

This is all great and i am looking forward to this new and improved device. The only problem is that they are using to much time. I do not need a DURR to feel that i am impatient about the new DURR

So here is the Diyurr. A similar device with some pro`s and some con`s when comparing it with the original DURR



Step 1: Components

You need some stuff to make the Diyurr, and some common tools.

Most of these components can be swapped to suit your whishes/items at hand.

Some wires

A vibration motor

A microcontroller (to tell the vibration motor to vibrate after 5 min) We choose to use the cheapduino from dfrobot. It is small and nice. But you could use everykind of microcontroller.

A battery or other power source. We choose a 3v small battery to make this thing compact. But you could again choose whatever. Could even use a wall wart to power it, nullifying both batteryusage and portability.

On/off button to turn the device on or off. We used two wires as a "button"

Soldering iron / pliers and other stuff

Stuff for the enclosure.

Step 2: Code

This is the code that tells the microcontroller what to do. Not to complicated (the first and last delay in the sketch tells the duration of shivering and the duration between shivers(set here to 5 min). You can of course try different intervals but they guys from Skrekkøgle have tested this out and found 5 min to be the best.

const int motorPin = 3;

void setup()


pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT);


void loop()


digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH);


digitalWrite(motorPin, LOW);


Step 3: Create the Enclosure and Put It Togheter

You can choose to make the enclosure out of whatever you wish of course. We choose to copy the way skrekkøgle did it (it seems that they did some iterations on this)

The top part was something we had laying around and we colored it in a nice blue shade because it was waht we had.

As a strap we we used some leather and some dobble adhesive tape.

We fused / encased the electronics and enclosure in hot glue to make it sturdy and cool.

We also made a nifty on/off button out ot two wires protruding from the enclosure. Simply entwine the two wires togheter an its on.

Step 4: Use It

Experience time and your perception of it.

Step 5: Pro`s and Con`s Diyurr Vs DURR

Custom made enclosure

Colour of your choice

Tweakable code to explore other time settings.



Probably not as nice enclosure as Skrekkøgles`s

Probably not as nice colours as Skrekkøgles`s (where do you get salmon pink?)

Not supporting a cool young creative agency.

Battery hungry, I guess the DURR is sleeping inbetween its shivering cycles, the Diyurr is not, it is sucking battery all the time.