Introduction: Do It Yourself 12cm Holographic Projector Screen for Tablet

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I wanted to view the 3d holographic projection from my Samsung Galaxy tablet. So I made the 3d Holographic screen using OHP sheet just by increasing the screen size for 12 centimeters just since I used the tablet..

Step 1: Things Needed

1) Hot Glue Gun

2) OHP Sheet

3) Adhesive white tape

4) Marker

5 Steel Ruler

6) Knife

Step 2: How to ?

1) As shown in the figure mark 12 cms horizontally in the ohp sheet. In the middle of that is 6 cm draw a line of 7 cm that is perpendicular to horizontal line.

2) On the top draw 2 cm dividing 1 cm between the line properly. Join the ends and cut it.

3) Repeat the same process for all the four sheets or keeping this sheet fixed you can cut other 4 sheets.

4) While cutting the sheet be careful and use gloves if you don't have experience. Kids need adult supervision.

5) Stick the sheet using adhesive tape just for supporting all the four sheets as pyramid. Switch on the hot glue gun and join the corners of the ohp sheet. Once the glue is dried you can remove the tape and add glue to that part alone.

6) Open 3d holographic videos from you tube and place it in your tablet.

Step 3: Results

The depth of the picture and video was very good depending on the quality. However I shot the video and pictures totally in dark the clarity gain is not much in picture. I do recommend you to try it, felt the projection was so real as shown in movies.