Introduction: Do-not-disturb Machine


Usage: To inform others not to interrupt when you are busy at work.

Method: A device that combines a button and a LED light. When the user presses the button and the LED light lights, people will know that the user is busy and not interrupt him/her. This machine will apply to people who really need to participate in their work or people who want to have their own space.

Motivation: Whenever I am busy or wanting to focus on my work, I’ll be interrupted by my parents or friends who don’t know that I am trying to work hard. Therefore, I made this machine to tell the people around me that I am busy with my work and to tell them not to disturb me while the red light of the machine is on. This will help me be more focused on my work and not always interrupted by other people. This will also inform others that it is a good idea to not interrupt me while the red light is on.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Materials needed:

Leonardo Arduino*1

Breadboard *1

LED Light * 1

Wires Blue resistor *1

Yellow resistor * 1

pushbutton* 1

paper box *1

Laptop *1

Step 2: Combine All the Materials Togehter

Connect the wires, resistors, buttons and Led lights on the breadboard and Arduino board as the pictures shown above.

Step 3: Code Attachment

Step 4: Decorating

Cut three holes on the paper box ( the position of the 3 holes are shown on the pictures above). Put the Arduino board and breadboard into the box and insert the wires to the paper box through the hole.

Step 5: Done!