Do You Want to Grab an Orange Ginger Chia Seed Pudding?

Introduction: Do You Want to Grab an Orange Ginger Chia Seed Pudding?

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I topped my puddings with fresh orange parts dipped into vegan dark chocolate! Yum yum yumm!

You can eat this as a filling breakfast or as a yummy dessert! :) If it is a breakfast, make larger portions than these ones! :) These are HEALTHY PUDDINGS, VERY EASY TO MAKE, VERY FILLING YUMMYLISCIOUS TOO! :) They are VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE!

Recipe: For 6 smaller puddings

* For the puddings:

1/2 cup chia seeds ( 82 gr )

300 ml freshly brewed ginger tea ( 1 cup + 1/3 cup ), ginger tea steeped for about 7 minutes into a 300 ml mug!

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1/3 cup freshly squeezed orange juice ( 80 ml )

to add some sweetness: 1 teaspoon maple syrup, grade C

* For the chocolate dipped oranges:

1 fresh orange, peeled, white bits & pits removed, cut into segments without skin

1/2 cup of vegan chocolate of your choice/ I used dark vegan chocolate


1. First, make your chia puddings. Brew your favorite ginger tea & steep in into 300 ml just boiled water. I let my tea steep for about 7 minutes. You must taste the ginger well. Take a medium bowl & ad chia seeds. Pour your ginger tea over the chia seeds & stir well through. Let it sit for 15 minutes, stirring often. Taste. You must taste the ginger. I added 1 teaspoon ground ginger for an added ginger kick! Then, I added the orange juice. Stir well through. I taste it again & added a bit of sweetness: 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, grade C. Stir well. It tasted just right! Ladle into fancy smaller dessert cups,& place into the fridge to stiffen up a bit more ( At least 4 hours ).

2. Now, in the meantime, make your chocolate dipped orange segments. In a bowl au-bain-marie melt your chocolate on medium heat. Stir it well through, no lumps, please! Dip your orange segments into the hot melted chocolate, try to dip them all the way into the chocolate. This is not easy at all! Place them on a Silpat & let them rest into the fridge to cool down & to let the chocolate harden. When cold enough to touch, use them & take them out of the fridge to be on room temperature. When you want to eat your desserts, take them 10 minutes before eating, out of the fridge. Place them on a fancy place mat & top each pudding with 1 to 2 chocolate dipped orange segments! Enjoy! This is lovely with a tea on the side! xxx

You can find this delicious recipe also here on my blog:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yum! I love ginger, orange and chocolate together.

    Making the chia with the ginger tea is a genius idea, too. :D


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    ooh yes, yes! Double ginger & orange dipped chocolate! The perfect combo! :)