Introduction: Doctor Doom Hood

Hello. I thought you might like a little insight into my method for making a Doctor Doom Hood. This method is cheap, fast and totally for beginners. Obviously, there are endless ways you could alter this to suit your needs. This is just one method I used and I was super happy with the results. Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Cutting and Assembling the Hood

Start by laying out your fabric and folding it in the middle. To fit my large head I used the measurements 15"x20". Cut out the basic shape of the hood with a rounded top corner that follows the natural curve of your head. Next, with your hood turned inside out, hem the outer edges and sew the back edge closed. NOTE: I don't have a sewing machine so I just used fabric glue and it worked great.

Step 2: Hood Is Done

Now your hood is finished, let's work on the chest/shoulder piece.

Step 3: Cutting and Assembling the Chest Piece

Same as with the hood, lay your fabric out (don't fold this time) and cut out the chest piece to the size you want. In my case I went with 55"x18" because I didn't want a long runner going down my back. Next, hem the outside edges and fold your strip in half to make a 9"x55" scarf. NOTE: I did not sew the outer edges together, but you totally could if you wanted to.

Step 4: Drape the Chest Piece

Now just drape the chest piece over the hood across your shoulders (like a backwards scarf). You can pin it to your shirt or just let it hang over you. Your call.

Step 5: Create the Gold Medallions/Chain

For the chain in the front, I used two round cardboard box tops I found at a craft store and painted them gold. I then put 2 pieces of .25" craft foam inside and glued broach pins to the back. After that, I drilled holes for the chain and crimped the links with pliers.

Step 6: Pin the Chain to the Chest Piece

Next, just pin the medallions to the front of your cloak and you're done!!! I like this method because you can wear the hood up or down and it's cool looking and comfortable.

Step 7: Put on Your Mask and Go

Add your favorite Doom mask (I have one on Instructables available for download) and you're off to the races.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Again, I am NO sewing expert, so if I can do it, anybody can do it.