Introduction: Doctor Who Cyberman Upgrading Area Halloween Decor

This is a quick and easy way to add some Doctor Who themed décor to your Halloween display.

Step 1: Materials

4 Sheets of foam board (approx. 29.5 in x 20 in)

Blue EL Wire like the one here

EL Wire battery pack and batteries.

Opaque shower curtain or drop cloth and something to hang it with -- Shower curtain hooks, cup hooks etc.

Red holiday lights

White Duct Tape

Clear tape


Scissors/Exacto knife

Step 2: Step 1 Draw the Outline of a Cyberman on the Foam Board

Lay out the foam board and draw on an outline of a Cyberman. We did this freehand, but you can Google for Cyberman silhouette for an image if you have access to a printer that can print lifesize. You don't have to worry about being detailed all you need is a good outline. We included a head with the distinctive handles, shoulder spikes, and claws. Depending on your display area you may only need the upper half we did a full Cyberman.

Step 3: Cut Out and Tape Parts Together

Cut out your Cyberman outline then use white duct tape to join the parts together.

Leaving the foam board in pieces until after cutting make it easier to cut out.

Step 4: Outline the Top of the Cyberman With EL Wire

Place the blue EL Wire around the top half of the Cyberman. You may need to work with your layout a bit to get it even. Ours worked out that one 3 meter strip of EL Wire went from one hand around the head and down to the other hand.

Attach the EL Wire to the Cyberman with the clear tape. Secure the battery pack for the EL Wire on the back (side opposite the EL Wire).

Step 5: Assemble Your Upgrading Area

We assembled our upgrading area on our front porch.

Place the red holiday lights in the back of the area. Leave some space so that the red lights provide a good background light for the silhouette.

Hang the shower curtain in the front of the area.

Hang the cyberman just behind the shower curtain.

Turn on the lights and enjoy.

Bonus: Download some cyberman sounds and play them on your favorite device for the full effect.

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