Introduction: Doctor Who Glowing Vinyl Poem - Fast DIY

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This fun project can easily be completed within a single day! Other than the vinyl cutter, no other major tools (ex: power tools) are needed.


  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glass Cutter (If you purchase two frames, this is not needed)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto-Knife


Step 1: Cut Glass

You can skip this step if you simply purchase two frames and use the glass from the second frame.

To cut the glass: Score it with a glass cutting tool, place a board under the score mark, and break it. A clean break should occur.

Be safe! Wear eye protection.

Step 2: Vinyl

Remove the inside shapes. Important: The light will shine through the shapes.

Use transfer tape to lift the vinyl off its wax paper backing.

Apply the vinyl image to the glass (Take your time! Be sure to get the position of the vinyl centered!)

Step 3: Color Gel

Cut the colored gel into strips. Use the artwork as a guide to determine the correct size.

Use tape to secure the gel.

Remove the gel in one piece (dark card stock needs to go under it in a later step)

Step 4: Dark Card Stock

Use your cutting machine to cut the supplied SVG file onto card stock.

Spray the "right-reading" side with spray adhesive. (Don't over do it... a little goes a long way)

Stick the card stock to the underside of the glass. It should line up with the letters on the front.

Add the gel striped you've taped together on a previous step.

Important: This shapes on this dark card stock are slightly larger compared to the front. This is intentional. It allows for the thickness of the glass and the position of the person viewing the artwork. For example, if someone was looking at the art diagonally, they would see the dark card stock, which would not be desirable.

Step 5: Add LEDs

Insert the inner box that came with the frame.

Use the self-adhesive on the back on the LEDs to stick them to this inner box.

Use hot glue to secure the LED power box to the glass artwork.

Test LEDs to be sure they work.

Step 6: Apply Backer Board

Mark the area on the backer board where the power pack is.

Remove this area with an exaco-knife or a power tool, like a bandsaw, jigsaw, or scroll saw.

Use the fasteners that came with the frame to lock the backer board in place.

Give this artwork to the person you love. Optional, greet them with: "Hello Sweetie." They'll surely love this gift... and you!