Introduction: Doctor Who - Simple Fridge Box Tardis

A big blue Tardis Police Box is a fantastic item to decorate any Doctor Who party, but a Tardis can be expensive to make and then awkward to store once the party is over.

We made this simple Tardis from a cardboard refrigerator carton and some paint. Hopefully you can make it for under $20, less if you have existing paint.

The items you'll need:

Fridge carton - Free from a large electrical appliance retailer. Larger the better.
Paint - Blue for body of the box.  Rattle can black and silver for the details.
Roller or brushes.
Printer - to print out the signs and windows.

Step 1: Box and Blue Paint

The first thing to do is paint the box blue. We used old-school blue enamel and applied it with a cheap roller that we disposed of afterwards.

Enamel gave us a nice glossy finish but took a full day to dry.

Step 2: Stencil the Panels.

This step can be a bit tricky and took us a few goes to get right.

NOTE: Spray very, very lightly. Even the lightest spray will show up, and you can always add paint later.

1. Using cardboard stecils do the black first. You need a single panel at the top and then 8 panels in two rows.
2. Next do the silver highlight.  Moving the stencil up and to the left of the black, only spray along the bottom and right of the stencil.

Step 3: Signage

Next you need to add the windows and the signage.

The windows were simply copy paper with Sharpie lines, and then glued on.
The other signage was printed and glued on. The images we used are included here.

Step 4: The Finished Box

And here it is!!

We made two. One as an entrance to the party. We cut front doors with a box-cutter knife and removed the back panel.

The other was decoration.

Hope you've enjoyed this Instructable.

Cheers, Icedvovo.

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