Introduction: Doctor Who "Something Blue" TARDIS Shoes!

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Doctor Who "Something Blue" TARDIS Wedding Shoes!

Every Wedding needs a little

Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed and Something Blue!

These are the perfect addition of blue for that special day...

...or just total Doctor Who Geekery to wear any day!
Easy to DIY!

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

You will need:

Shoes that fit you--the perfect chance to give some old shoes new life like I did!

Blue spray paint

Clear acrylic spray paint

White and black acrylic paint

Shoe clips

White fabric--I used old bed could even use a tee shirt!

Blue ribbon

Hot glue/gun


Paint brushes

Step 2: Paint the Shoes!

Stuff grocery bags inside the shoe to keep overspray
off the inside of the shoes.

I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover in Deep Blue Gloss.

One of my favorite colors!

Do a couple of light coats.
Then remove the plastic bags and let them dry.

Step 3: Bow Shoe Clips!

While the shoes are drying you can make the bows!
I used old sheets. (Just like these Neon Bows here)

I didn't even iron them...because you scrunch up the bows anyway.

Start with 2 rectangles...about 4 by 8 inches.

Take the top edge and fold it over a so it rests about half way.

Add a line of hot glue on it.

Fold the bottom edge up onto the glue...making a tube.

Add a zig zag of glue in the center of the tube.

Fold over one edge to the center.

And the other edge.

While the glue is still warm, careful scrunch up the center of the bow.

Pinch until cooled.

Then hot glue the ribbon on the backside...

Wrap it around and glue it in place.

Use scissors instead of touching directly with fingers...that's the best way to burn yourself.

Let cool.
Then hot glue or sew the shoe clips on the backside of the bows.

Then they can clip on the back heel of the shoes or near the toes!

Step 4: Painting Details!

Okay, back to shoes!
Bust out the black and white paint and a thin paintbrush.

I free handed the whole thing.
It's rough and sketchy and wonderful.

Don't be nervous...just let out that inner Van Gogh.

Fill in the black rectangle.

Add some white windows...

Add the lettering...
Police Box

First...leaving a space in the center for Public Call

Then repeat for the other side!

Fill with plastic bags again...and spray with clear top coat spray.
Then let dry completely!

Add the bow clips on and you are ready to rock the who shoes!

Step 5: Coolest Shoes in ALL of Time and Space!

Something old
Something new

Something borrowed

Something Blue!

Enjoy your painted shoes!

Please note: paint chips and scuffs may occur.

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