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Introduction: Doctor Who Tardis Key Perception Filter

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In Doctor Who, The last two episodes of series three are a two-part plot. (Available on Netflix, if you're interested) In it we get a good look at the Tardis key, outfitted with a small 8 pin chip and a ceramic capacitor to make a Perception filter. Easy enough prop to replicate.

Step 1: Supplies

There are only three components to this project. A scrap key, an eight pin chip, and a ceramic capacitor. 555 timers a caps are common hobby project parts. These parts can be purchased new from places like Radio Shack and Diji-key, but can be found on scrap boards just as easily. These orange ceramic caps are more commonly found on older boards (as SMTs have widely replaced their Through-hole counterparts) while the chips are more common in newer ones. If you don't have a bin of dead keys, your local hardware store may have a bin of mis-cut keys from which you can choose.

Step 2: Assemble

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    When I first saw the 8 pin DIP chip attached to the key in that episode of doctor who the first thing I thought was "wow, you can really do anything with a 555 timer!". ( :