Introduction: Document Camera Stand- EDD

Hello, and welcome to this very special document camera mount tutorial!

-This camera mount has been tested with Apple Notes and creates highly accurate and detailed scanned documents without any need for cropping using Auto Shutter.

-The only fasteners necessary are rubber bands (or some kind of rope) and paper clips.


-One unfolded cardboard box, with one end at least 12 inches long

-One piece of cardboard, at least 12.5 x 15 inches (Equal to a piece of paper's dimensions, extended 2 inches along each of the four sides)

-3 pieces of styrofoam, with some form of rope or band around them


Step 1: Step 1: Initial Assembly of the Legs

Three pieces will be cut from the box, forming three legs:

Each piece cut along the longest edge of the unfolded box, with the tabs left in.

-Two of the pieces need to be from the wider part of the box, as they will be the primary means of bearing weight.

Attach these two thicker pieces along the long ends of the board, using one paper clip each to attach them at the corners of the board, closer to one side than the other. Keep in mind that the phone will balance on top of these pieces once the mount is complete, and the camera will need to be roughly in the middle of the board.

-The third leg goes on the shorter end of the board that is closest to the two other legs and is attached with two paper clips.

Step 2: Adding the Styrofoam Fasteners

-Each styrofoam piece is slotted into a corresponding leg by the rubber band (or another substitute fastener)

-The pieces rest at the bottom of each leg, preventing it from swaying while the phone is balanced on top.

Step 3: Fastening the Three Legs Together

The three legs are fastened together by their tabs:

-Two paper clips are inserted at each of the two points where one tab meets another.

Step 4: Using the Scanner

-Paper is placed onto the board evenly spaced from all the edges

-The phone is placed as indicated in the image, slightly offset to the left so that the camera, which is on the right side of the phone, has a centered view of the page.

-Using the Notes app to scan documents, the camera will automatically pick up the outline of the paper, and taking a photo will automatically create the cropped version as a PDF.