Introduction: Dodecahedral Earth

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A laser cut and engrave world made of 12 flat pieces (dodecahedral).
This is a project of mine that i almost desigent a year ago but from simple cheap wood that didn't look as good as this. I now made it from MDF wood. It engraved beautiful but cuts harder. But i love the result.
I Also now designed a stand for it this time.
I once saw on thingiverse that someone made design of the earth in triangles, this brought me to the idea to make a pentagon shaped one of this. So credits to him:

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Step 1: What Do You Need

You need some stuff to create this project:

* Laser cutter (or a company/makerspace that can cut it for you)
* 3D printer


* Drawing/3D models (
* MDF Wood 3/4mm 300x200mm (3mm works better) (can be found by a wood dealer or local construction market)
* M2.5x6 (3mm MDF) M2.5x8 (4mm MDF) €0,88 (
* Acrylic black 3mm thick (for dutch people i can recommend this site for the acrylic:
* Superglue

Step 2: Construction: Step 1

3D print the connectors. |
You need to print 20 pieces of it.

Step 3: Construction: Step 2

Start with engraving the MDF wood with your laser engraver/cutter.
I used a Chinese K40 laser cutter (bed size 310 x 210mm). I made files that are caled batch. These files are made for a laser cutter that has a cut size of 300 x 200mm or bigger. if you have a laser cutter that is smaller i also attached the losse pictures of Every pentagon.

settings for K40 is:
laserpower: 85%
speed: 350mm/s

Step 4: Construction: Step 3

Now cut the MDF wood with the laser cutter. Also cut the stand out of the acrylic.

settings for K40 is:
laserpower: 85%
speed: 10mm/s
(Need to cut 2 times)

Step 5: Construction: Step 4

Clean the parts with cleaning agent and sand it a little bit. Then let it dry for a while for a cleaner design.

Step 6: Construction: Step 5

Construct now the parts together with the screws and the connectors.
If you need help with it follow the pictures in this step.

I also used a little drip of glue on each part to make it a little bit stronger.

Step 7: Construction: Step 6

Now glue the stand together with superglue.

Step 8: Construction: Step 7

Put now the Dodecahedron Earth on the stand and you have a beautiful decoration.

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