Introduction: Dodecahedron Shadow Lamp

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Dodecahedron lamp made using a laser cutter. (Hanging or desk lamp)

Made using Fusion 360

Source file:

Required materials:

  • Wood glue or glue gun for wood, or acrylic glue if you are using acyl.
  • 3 mm (1/8 inch) wood or acrylic sheet of your choice.
  • Sanding paper. (Grid 160 or higher)
  • Power cable.
  • E14 socket of your choice.
  • Use some latex gloves if you are working with acrylic glue.
  • Optional: Switch and/or power plug.

Required tools:

  • Screwdriver set.
  • Laser cutter. (40w or higher)


  • Dimensions: 375mm x375mm x 375mm.
  • Faces: 12
  • Parts: 163
  • Socket: E14
  • Number of vertices: 20
  • Number of faces: 12
  • Number of edges: 30

Step 1: Cutting the Parts

First we need to cut all the required parts in the laser cutter.

We us Visicut at our local makerspace to create the gcode for the laser cutter.

I took the liberty to create 3 nested files containing all required parts. They are made for 450mmx600mm 3mm sheet material.

  • nested450-600sheet1.dxf
  • nested450-600sheet2.dxf
  • nested450-600sheet3.dxf

If you have another laser bed size you will need the following files to be cut.

  • 150x link.dxf
  • 11x side.dxf
  • 1x er27.dxf
  • 1x top.dxf

Step 2: Preparation

Wood: Use some sanding paper with fine grit (160 or higher) to clean up burn marks from the laser cutter. make sure you don't take away to much material.

Acryl: Remove protective foil and clean with soap / water mix if required.

Painting wood: You can use wood paint to give your lamp a color or some protection against the elements.

Don't use oils because it could cause you glue to loosen over time. It is also recommended to use a spray can as the finish will be much more even than using a brush.

Step 3: Assembly

The easiest way to assemble the lamp is to create 4 sets of 3 sides. Use some glue to fix the links in the edge of each side. After creating the 4 sets and letting them dry first you can proceed to assemble the hole lamp. Picture above shows one set.

Step 4: Done

I hope you like the build. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Made in the Walking Robot Makerspace (Belgium Antwerp). Visit for more info.

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