Does Caffeine Effects Our Teeth? and How?

Introduction: Does Caffeine Effects Our Teeth? and How?

My Project Is About How the Caffeine Affects the Teeth of Human Beings, Either in a Direct Way or Indirect Way

Step 1: Problem

My problem is “how drinking a huge amount of caffeine affects our teeth”, where i had done an experiment to show caffeine addicts how drinking a huge amount of caffeine can affect their teeth.

Step 2: Hypothesis

I hypothesize that all of the eggshells that i will use will be affected, because caffeine contains tannins, and tannins are a type of polyphenol which affects the teeth by making color compounds stuck to teeth. Another Reason is because caffeine creates natural bacteria that creates acid, that will later on harm the teeth because acid is known as a mass destruction compound. The last reason is because caffeine clenches teeth, and that’s because sometimes we drink coffee then we sleep, and we should know that this habit will cause us to clench our teeth.

Step 3: Variables

Independent: the amount of caffeine in the drinks i chose

Dependent: the surface, smell, and the strength of the eggshell

Control: amount of coffee, green tea, and black tea

Step 4: Resource I Used in My Project

I used as a reference in order to know how caffeine affects our teeth

Step 5: Materials

  • 3 glass jars
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Hot water

Step 6: Procedures

  1. I boil some water
  2. I put coffee, black tea, and green tea in a glass jars
  3. Pour the water in the jars
  4. Mix the drink in each jar
  5. Put one piece of eggshell in each glass jar
  6. every day, observe the eggshells and record any changes that occur
  7. Search about how the caffeine affects our teeth in order to know more

Step 7: Data

Step 8: Analyze

The length of the eggshells hadn’t changed, unlike the strength, the strength of the eggshells in the coffee and black tea changes, except the one in the green tea, it’s strength hadn’t changed since it only has a little amount of caffeine. The color is the most thing that’s affected, where the eggshells color had changed overtime, and i concluded from that, that as the color of the beverage become darker, the color of the eggshell will changes more rapidly, where the green tea had a light color, so that didn’t affect the color of the eggshell too much, unlike the coffee and the black tea. The smell was mostly similar to the smell of each beverage, where the eggshell in the coffee had a smell of coffee, which is strong, and the one in the red tea had the smell of the red tea, which is medium, and finally, the one in the green tea at the beginning had no smell, but later on, it had a soft smell, which is the smell of green tea. Finally, the surface of the eggshell wasn’t affected that much, where the surface of the eggshell in the coffee turned to be extremely rough, and the one in the black tea became rough, and finally, the eggshell in the green tea jar remained soft.

Step 9: Results

Step 10: Conclusion

I concluded from this experiment that as we drink more caffeine, our teeths will be more affected, where during my experiment, i observed that the eggshell in the coffee jar is the most affected shell, since the coffee contains a huge amounts of caffeine, where the shell became weak, and it absorbed the smell of the coffee in the rapid way, and it changed it’s color into black, and it made it become rough, and these changes means that as the amounts of caffeine increase, teeths are more affected. I also concluded that as the amount of caffeine decreases, the teeths are way less affected, where I observed that the eggshell in the green tea jar isn't as affected as the one in the other, and that’s because green tea does not contain a huge amount of caffeine.

Step 11: Application

This research is important to humans because it convince them that drinking a huge amounts of caffeine can effects their teeth, where they will going to see that the eggshells are really affected from the caffeine, what will going to make them drink caffeine in a little amounts in order of not affecting their teeths and dragging them into a mass destruction.

This experiment can be applied in practice by using real teeths in order to get a true simulation of how our teeths are affected because of drinking a lot of caffeine.

I learned from this project that we should take care of our appearance, so we can live normally with our surroundings, and also I learned that not taking care of ourselves can make repairing things we dimolitated hard.

While working on this project, I used research skills, where I searched on the internet about what caffeine is, and also what are the effects of caffeine on our teeths, and also because I searched for photos that are related to the project in order to put them in the video. Finally, I used my research skills to know what are the elements that make up teeths, and see if there is any relation between them and the elements of caffeine.

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    2 years ago

    Nice research project. I try to avoid too much caffeine myself.