Introduction: Does Running Affect Leg Mass

Does running affect leg mass/size?

Step 1: My Problem/purpose:

My problem or purpose for my science fair project is for me to know if something very common affects leg size, running. My question is: how does running affect leg size?

Step 2: My Hypothesis:

I hypothesise that leg mass does change as you build your muscles while running so leg size/mass will increase.

Step 3: Variables:

šIndependent variable: The size of

the calves.


šDependent variable: The amount of time each person runs.


šControlled variable: The measurement tape/ the age range.

Step 4: Background Research:

In the human body muscles expand and

become stronger and bigger when trained more, the most type of training for the legs is running and everyone runs at least a little bit.

Step 5: Materials:

Measurement Tape: to measure the calves

Paper: To right down the measurements

Pen: To right down the measurements

Treadmill: So the people can run

Step 6: Procedure:

  • Get three participants that are willing to run
  • let them run for at least 2 weeks
  • measure their calve size
  • write down the results

Step 7: Data


1: Calve size smallest (37.2), harder to lift things with leg.

Person 2: Calve size second smallest (38.7), easier to lift things.

Person 3: Calve size most (40.3), easy to lift things.

Step 8: Data Analysis:

That training more increases your calve/leg size and makes it easier to lift things, they are also healthier and can accomplish more because of the there physique.

Step 9: Results:

The results I got were that the people who trained more had a bigger leg/calve size and it was easier for them to do things that use their legs and can move better and are healthier than others. And that there legs are better shaped and bigger making it easier to preform tasks.

Step 10: Conclusion:

In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct in which I managed to determine that people that train/run more have a bigger leg mass and their calves are bigger since they train more and can build their muscles.

Step 11: Application

The way muscles are built can be an important part of future studies to understand more about the human body. Soon, if we dive deeper into the knowledge of what helps our muscles build and grow, we could be able to connect it to brain function, and performance abilities.

Step 12: Evaluation:

I have used self-management skills during the whole process of this experiment because I planned everything ahead of time and let everyone finish the two weeks of running or less to measure their leg size. And made sure i finish on time.

Step 13: Video