Introduction: Does the Shape of a Rocket Affect the Distance It Travels

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to see which shape of a rocket is better and which shape can travel longer and can fly higher

Experiment: I will make 3 different rockets with 3 different shapes one with a flat head and no fins one with a flat head but with 3 fins and one with 4 fins and a pointy head and I will launch them and see which rocket goes the highest

Step 1: Research Question:

What is the best shape for a rocket to make it travel longer distances with the same amount of fuel?

Step 2: Hypothesis

I think the rocket with the four fins and a pointy head will travel longer and higher because it has more aerodynamics

Step 3: Background Research

There are many ways to find which shape is the best for a rocket and I chose to make my own rockets out of water bottles and cardboard and see which rocket can fly the highest and it's estimated that a rocket bottle can fly 50-60ft

Step 4: Procedures

1-i bought all the materials I need for the rocket

2- i made a launchpad from cardboard so the rockets can be launched

3-i made the rockets from plastic water bottles

4-i put 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water

5-i put baking soda and closed the bottle

Step 5: Data

1- 3 fins and flat head rocket (50ft)

2- no fins and flat head rocket (40ft)

3- 4 fins with a pointy head (30ft)

Step 6: What Is Arrow Dynamics

Aerodynamics is the way air moves around things. The rules of aerodynamics explain how an airplane is able to fly. Anything that moves through air reacts to aerodynamics. Aerodynamics even acts on cars, since air flows around cars.

Step 7: Results

the first rocket flew the highest because it balanced weight and aerodynamics but the third rocket had a lot of aerodynamics but was too heavy and the second rocket was light but had no aerodynamics

Step 8: Conclusion

The conclusion is that in a flying object the aerodynamics and the weight need to be balanced for it able to fly and not crash

Step 9: Application

This information can be used in rockets that are built to be sent to space or even airplanes and people can use this information to learn how rockets and airplanes fly

Step 10: Graph