Introduction: Dog

Drawing can be a way to relieve stress, pass the time and have fun. I have been drawing ever sense I was little and found it as a way to create things with my mind. For this how too project I will show how to draw a dog. The way it looks it might look simply but that’s a good start for beginners. This may lead to you loving drawing and have a passion for it and create new sketches.


To start off find a

writing utensil, a pencil works best. After you find a pencil find a blank white piece of paper and fold paper in half and rip in half. After doing so take one side of the paper to use for the dog drawing.

Step 1: Head

Now I will start with the first step, which is drawing the head of the dog. Take your writing utensil and apply tip of pencil to white paper and draw an oval at the top of the page, it should be centered as much as possible. Make sure the oval is 2 inches wide and inches long. Now should have the two ovals, now erase the head oval part that is coming into the mouth oval. The mouth oval should be a full oval and the head should look like a C hugging the mouth oval.

Step 2: Ears and Mouth

For step two which is the mouth, draw another oval 2 inches down from the top of the head oval, so that the new oval is overlapping the first. Make the second oval 2 inches in height and 3 inches in width. After doing so It’s time to draw the ears, the ears will be placed on the sides of the dog head. The ears should look like a narrow C shape. The ears will be placed on the curve of the dog’s head, start on where the curve starts on the head and come down to about half an inch past where the mouth starts. Do this on both sides of the head reflecting each other.

Step 3: Body

For step three, draw the body of the dog. The body of the dog will be starting at the bottom of the mouth oval. Now draw two lines 2 ½ inches apart going down at a 240-degree angle mearing each other going to the left and right in opposite directions. The lines should go 5 inches down, and at 5 inches you should curve the lines toward each other and connect the two lines to form a round bottom.

Step 4: Back Feet

the fourth step, will be drawing the back feet of the dog. At the bottom of the body where you rounded the body off, you will draw a 1 ½ inch round circle on both point of the body, covering the points. After the circles are drawn erase the points that are in the circles. There should be 2 circles on the page at this point.

Step 5: Front Legs

Step five is one of the toughest steps, drawing the front legs. Start at the bottom of the mouth oval and draw a line curving in. This line will be in the body of the dog, 1 inch from the body of the dog going in. You will draw this line down to the bottom of the body leaving one inch of room. Then from that line draw a C shape and connect the over side to the body to form a paw. After doing so repeat the same prosses on the other side and erase any lines inside those lines.

Step 6: Tail

Step six, drawing dog tail. On the right side of the dogs back foot draw a curving up line to 3 inches and draw another line to connect to the body of the dog.

Step 7: Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

Last step, eyes and mouth. On the head of the dog about ¾ in up from the mouth draw two small ovals for eyes. Then on the top of the mouth about a ¾ in down draw a small oval for the nose. When that is finished draw a C 1 ½ inches down from the nose that is 2 inches long. For the finishing touch connect a line from the center of the nose and connect it to the C you made this will for a mouth. When mouth is comply done collar in your dog nose with pencil.