Introduction: Dog Bed

First come up with a idea. Mine is a dog bed it can be used for a small chihuahua.

Step 1: Materials

Now you need to gather your materials. I'm making my dog bed out of fabric of chose and stuffing and thats the main part of the dog bed. I am adding some outlining with pom poms made with yarn.

Step 2: Blue Print

Now you need to come up with a idea what the dog bed is going to look like. You can draw this out or make a mini prototype of the dog bed .

Step 3: Starting to Assemble

Lets start with the dog bed. So gather the supplies for the dog bed and let's get started!

Step 4: Fabric

Start by cutting the fabric of chose. I chose a old T-shirt with like a marble effect. I am going to make some lines on it and cut.

Step 5: Prepare

prepare to start sowing by putting pins in. Also remember to put the fabric inside out and leave a hole to put the stuffing in.

Step 6: Sewing

Now we are starting to sow it together. As you go along pull the pins out. Also remember to leave a little hole to put the stuffing in threw.

Step 7: Stuffing

Now it is time to flip it back around and start to stuff. We are stuffing it threw the little hole we did not sow up earlier thats were we are putting the stuffing threw. After you stuffed it up sow that hole.

Step 8: Pom Poms

We are now making pom poms first start by wrapping the yarn around your hand one hundred times.Then take it of your hand and wrap a little piece around it. then cut the two loops. Then trim the pom pom and thats it. the hot glue the pom pom to the main part of the bed.

Step 9: Finished Project

Now hot glue your pom poms to your main part of the bed and that is your final project.