Introduction: Dog Crate

About: Biochemistry student

This is a customized dog crate I made as a project during quarantine. This dog crate was created as an addition to a kitchen counter instead of using a metal dog kennel.

Step 1: Designing the Dog Crate

To begin this project, I had to design something that would fit perfectly within the dimensions I had to work with. I began by figuring out/designing how I would want the crate to look... the style... I needed to also figure out how I would include doors... a way the dog could get in and out of the crate...

Step 2: Building the Crate

To start the building, I started by using two pieces of plywood for both the top and bottom of the crate. The walls were built by using wooden dowels. I drilled 3/4 inch holes into wood strips both on top and bottom that the wooden dowels would fit into. This was how I created the walls.

Step 3: Building the Door

To build this door, I had to figure out a way that would be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. I ended up building the door the same way I built the walls... with wooden dowels. The door had wheels on both top and bottom that I added so the door could slide open and shut. I made a track using spindles that lined the floor and ceiling of the crate that would guide the door open and shut. The door would open to a position in front of a stationary wall that covered half the front of the crate. Also four bun feet were added to each corner.

Step 4: Finishing the Crate

I finished the crate by adding a trim around the top and bottom to cover up the wheels of the door and track the door would slide in. I added a silver handle and a latch for the door to be locked. I painted the crate gray to match the counter it would be positioned next to. I sewed a gray pillow to match the paint color.