Introduction: Dog House With Budget

its not very hard to make a dog house, theres also not a lot of equipment that is needed to make it either. the equipment that i ended up using can be found in your local workshop


the supplies i used were a circular-saw, pen, meter stick, cordless drill, extension core, screws, and

the materials that i used were 2'' by 4'' and 1/2 plywood.

Step 1: Frame

To make the frame of the dog house I cut two 2" by 4"s into 4' 4" 1/2'' and placed both of them for the width of the base of the frame. I also cut four 2" by 4"s into 3' 2" and used two of them for the base of the frame, the other two were used placed for the sides of the frame. The front portions of the support were 39"1/2'', the backs of the support of the frame were 38"

Step 2: Walls

the walls aren't my best work but they are good enough for the money limit i had and the time. the size of the sids of the walls are different at the bottom from the top, the top portion is at 3' 3" and the bottom is 3' 2". Then theres the back which is the bottom and top are the same at 4" 4' 1/2'.

Step 3: Floor Roofing

The floor was different because i had to cut off spots where the supports went, so I measured the perimeter of the base. Then measured the width of the support beams to figure out how much of the wood needed to be cut to place on the inside of the dog house. The roofing of the dog house used a longer measurement of wood than the flooring of the dog house. Not only because of the small portions that needed to be cut out but because the roofing was at a slant, so when it rains the housing doesn't flood the roof. The roofing measured out at 52 1/2" by 39 1/2".