Introduction: Dog Jump Cups

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I wanted to make some dog agility jumps for a friend that is working on training their dogs.

I have seen simple PVC dog agility jumps and figured they would be simple to put together, but I was not sure how to make them adjustable.

I did some research and found a suggestion for these "Dog Jump Cups". The site I got the information from was cutting them all with a hand saw that was taking forever and the cuts were neither clean nor straight.

I knew I could improve on this and wanted to share how I made them in case others are interested and want to do so as well.

Follow along...

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

To make the "Jump Cups" all I needed was the following:

  • 1" PVC "T-Connector"
  • Table Saw
  • Chop Saw
  • Push "V" Stick (or something similar)
  • Rip Block (or something similar)

Step 2: Setting Up Your 1st Cut...

To cut the 'slot' in the long leg of the "T" you will need to get your Table Saw set up correctly with:

  • Rip Fence set at 7/16"
  • V-Stick
  • Push Block

Once you have all three and you can make the first cut.

Make sure that you place the "T" so that the tall edge is flush with the Rip Fence. As you push the "T" into and along the blade to be cut, make sure you move the Rip Block with the "T" so it does not slide out of place.

Step 3: Making the 2nd Cut...

To make the 2nd Cut all you need to do is simply turn the "T" around and run it through again the same as the first cut.

Be aware that the middle piece that is being removed has the potential to come back at you fairly rapidly.
(this did not happen to me due to the model of Table Saw I have, but it is a possibility, so be careful)

Step 4: Separating the Two Halves...

To separate the "T" into two halves to use as the "Jump Cups", I used a Chop Saw.

I used a wooden block to hold the "T" in place as I made the cut to keep my fingers out of the way.
(I could't get a picture of this as I did not have enough hands...)

Make sure that you cut slow and avoid it from jumping on you!

Once the cut is made you will have two Jump Cups!

Step 5: Using the Jump Cups...

The Jump Cups can be 'snapped' on the PVC Legs of your Jump, or you can slide them o if you remove the Cap on the Leg.

Once on the Legs of the Jump you can slide the Jump Cups to the desired height and adjust with no limitations like you would have if you used 'pegs'.

The lower jump bar is to ensure that the dog does not go under the jump when set at higher levels.

Enjoy! :)