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Introduction: Dog Location Light

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Very basic idea here, what with the nights drawing in and me now owning a dog I realised she was quite difficult to spot in the dark. So along came the idea of a light for her to have on her collar so I can see where she is at a glance across the field.

photos to follow.

Step 1: Part Etc.

1. clip on bike light.
2. drill
3. keyring
4. some form of easy to use clip, like the end of your dog's lead. (optional)

Step 2: Making a Hole for the Keyring.

Get your light and drill a hole in the clip so you can attach a keyring or even string to it.
Be careful you don't drill all the way into the back of your light too and the smaller the bit the better. Keep that structural integrity.
And finally attach your keyring and clip if you have one.

Step 3: Attach to Your Dog.

The light should hold itself on your pooch's collar, and then attach your keyring or clip to the collar also, this acts as a protection for the light if your pooch does mange to pull it off.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Walk With Your Bestfriend.

Get out there and have fun. Give your dog the freedom they want without worrying when you can't see them. Just follow the light...

Step 5: Another Method.

I had a spare bike light but I think a lot of us have spare LEDs and an LED throwie would be a perfect solution.

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