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This is a quick and easy project but if you have a dog, something you'll value day after day. It's made from 100% repurposed parts so you can feel good about yourself whilst making it ;-)

As a newly-minted dog owner, I quickly got fed up with carrying used dog poop bags around during our daily dog walks. I also didn't want to fall into the temptation of leaving them by the path 'to pick up on my way back' ... as if!

This container can be hung from a belt or kept inside a larger bag without fear of squishing (not a nice concept!). The internal screw lid keeps the contents (and their odour) locked in and it can be emptied easily (and washed) at the end of the walk. As a bonus, the cloth container is long enough in my case to store spare poop bags underneath the screw-top container.

It is most suitable for smallish dogs - 'mine' is a 10kg (22lb) Border Terrier called Badger who regularly does three poops on his morning walk. This design will probably need scaling up for larger dogs!

The supplies listed below are suggestions of course and I'd expect you'll have to source equivalents - the biggest issue I foresee is sourcing the equivalent of the Delta Airlines bag, although I'd be pretty confident of finding something similar in a cosmetic drawer or similar (or you could of course repurpose a sports sock or similar)


A cylindrical cloth container big enough to snugly fit the screw top container - in my case from Delta Airlines - an equivalent could be a sports sock, for example. Mine is 15cm (6 inch) x 10cm (4 inch) [Length x diameter]

An old handbag strap with snap hook end clips (ideally).

An empty screw-top container (eg) a 'Cillit Bang' powder container. Mine is 11cm (4.3 inch) x 9cm (3.5 inch) [Length x diameter].

A robust sewing needle and button thread.

Step 1: Construction

Cut an 8 cm (3 inch) length from one end of the handbag strap. My strap had one end finished with a clip on the end, the other end was looped through a clip. For simplicity I used the end finished with a clip (see photo).

Using double threaded button thread (double the strength per stitch!), hand sew the cut length across the seam of the cloth container and about a third the way down from the top (see photo). This ensures the strap doesn't interfere with the zip, fixes it to the strongest part of the cloth container and allows the container to hang pointing upwards. As you can see, chances are you'll do a much neater job of the stitching than I did. Choosing a light blue thread might also have helped ;-)

If the container material is thin, provide some re-enforcement by positioning a small piece of cloth on the inside of the container and sew through that.

Once you're finished sewing, put the screw-top container into the cloth container.

That's it! (told you it was quick and easy).

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Nice design :) Do you have any more pictures of the construction and how you sewed it together?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi Penolopy - thanks for your nice comment. I'll take some more photos and add them to the Instructable. Please let me know if you need anything else 😁