Introduction: Dog Rope From Old Socks

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Why throw away your old dirty socks when dogs love old dirty socks? Upcycle old socks into a braided dog rope that your dog will surely enjoy! This dog rope is quick and easy to make. Anyone who knows how to braid can whip up a few of these rope bones in a couple of minutes! These ropes make great gifts. What are you waiting for? Find those old socks that nearly got swallowed whole by your washing machine, and get crafting!


  • 4 Old Socks
  • Scissors
  • Some mad braiding skills
  • A dog to enjoy the rope

Step 1: Make Sock Scrunchies

First, take one of your socks, and grab a pair of scissors. Starting at the top of the sock, cut strips straight across, parallel to the opening of the sock. These should be about one inch wide. For one dog rope bone, you only need two of these strips, which I am calling "Sock Scrunchies" for convenience. If you are making only one rope bone, tuck the rest of this sock away until your next dog rope endeavor. However, if you are making multiple ropes in one sitting, you can keep cutting Sock Scrunchies from this sock.

Step 2: Prepare the Socks

Next, stack three socks on top of each other. Fold the top of the stack a couple of times. Then, take one of the Sock Scrunchies, and wrap it around the top of the sock pile tightly like making a ponytail in your hair. Now it is time to braid.

Step 3: Braid the Socks

Tightly braid the socks into a rope. In order to braid, you will have to fasten the rope down somehow. I have found the easiest way to braid the socks is to hold the end between my knees, but other options include taping or clamping the rope down to the table. Maybe you can even have your dog hold the end in its mouth.

Step 4: Tie the End

Once you reach the end of the rope, grab another Sock Scrunchie. Wrap it tightly multiple times around the end.

Step 5: Give the Dog a Bone

You are done! All that is left to do is to give the rope bone to your dog. These rope bones make excellent gifts. You can make them in bulk and give them to a local shelter. Wherever the ropes end up, a dog will surely enjoy them!

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